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Welcome to Dovetales Antiques & Home Magazine
When we first launched Dovetales Antiques & Home magazine, we aspired to create a
fun and entertaining publication — something that would soon become a colorful,
visual and informative look at decorating and antiquing in and around New England.
Little did we realize that a periodical focusing on local interiors and shops would
quickly become an ideal and coveted resource for design inspiration,
creative craft projects, area shopping and things simply to delight.
We believe decorating should be creative “play time” for grown-ups.
Our motivation to design lies with our readers. We love sharing ideas
with you. And we love hearing about your own personal design tastes
as well as the various projects you’re working on at home. Our dedica-
ted readers have embraced our decorating philosophy: “Relax, enjoy
yourself and live with what you love.”
In each of our seasonal issues, we focus on helping you identify your per-
sonal style and achieve creative vision without breaking the bank. Let’s
face it — many of us certainly aren’t taking yearly trips to Paris, France
to furnish our homes. Nor do we have a stash of priceless heirlooms at
our fingertips — inherited, bought or borrowed. Almost anyone can decorate with un-
limited funds; that’s easy. True talent is creating a beautiful home on a limited budget.
We hope you enjoy our magazine as much as we enjoy creating it. We would really like
to know your impression. Send us an e-mail at dovetalesantique@aol.com or stop by
our current location(s) today. Thank you for your support!

Michelle A. DiPersio, Editor in Chiefmailto:dovetalesantique@aol.com?subject=shapeimage_13_link_0


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