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Dovetales Antiques
Susie Caliendo
Jo-Anne Coletti
Gale Barton
Charlene Carmichael
Nancy Green
Edward Nute
As many of you know, Dovetales Antiques & Home magazine started out as a small, regional publication,
printing four issues per year, with a small, but exceptional, group of contributors. Since then, our family has
grown into a unique and talented team of designers, decorators and editors. And now, we’ve decided to take
the next step and reach out to our dedicated readers, the community and the world.

They say it’s the way of the future and they may be right — the Internet, I guess it’s here to stay. And that’s
saying something from someone who relishes the feeling of glossy pages filled with larger-than-life photography. Curling up with a cup of tea and a favorite magazine — pure heaven.
    But this past season, we tried something new. We made our entire holiday, 2009 issue available on-line as a
way for all to enjoy. The results were overwhelming. We surpassed our three-month distribution time in less
than 30 days! So, first, thank you to all who visited our site and we hope that you enjoyed the issue.
    Then came the requests. As more and more readers find Dovetales Antiques & Home magazine on-line,
we’ve been inundated with requests for past issues. Many of you have stated, “I just found your amazing publication on-line and I love it! how can I order past issues?” However with regret, we realized that due to
the overwhelming demand, we have a very limited supply of back issues available in print.
    However, why not upload the entire Dovetales Antiques & Home magazine collection on line? With 14
great issues spanning more than five years, it was an idea worth investigating! So for all of our dedicated
readers (and many new ones to come), we’ve compiled all of our past and current volumes here. Enjoy!

Our Dovetales Antiques & Home family or as we like to refer to ourselves, “a group of local women who
just did it,” was never able to get through a photo-shoot or business meeting without laughs, giggles and fun
conversations. Here’s a peek into the professional lives of some of our most talented ‘family members.’

Susie Caliendo, Interior Decorator & Designer, www.susiecaliendodesigns.com 
Susie creates magic in her rooms as well as her entertaining features. Who else can take a simple-garden shed
and turn it into an evergreen and silver-draped chamber for an enchanting Christmas soirée (Holiday, 2008)?
And in her spare time, she writes children’s books (Fall, 2008)!

Jo-Anne Coletti, Lifestyles Editor & Romantic Artist, www.vintagerosecollection.com
As our lifestyles editor, Jo-Anne brings beauty and romance to everyday life. An artist and successful business-
woman, Jo-Anne reminds us that there’s always a need and a place for those things that are simply pretty.
From an elegant summer tea party (Summer, 2007) to a pretty-in-pink Christmas affair (Winter, 2008),
Jo-Anne never lets us forget that it’s important to take the time and smell the roses.

Gale Barton, Floral Designer & Decorator, www.sweetferns.com.
Beside her talents as a professional floral designer, as owner of Sweetferns Floral Design, Gale is our
go-to-gal if an idea, project or craft needs to be completed, contemplated or conceived of. With a studio
that’s an inspiration to us all, Gale can transform a junk drawer into a seasonal centerpiece that blooms
with festive fun (Fall, 2009). Or take a peek at Gale’s vision on a seaside wedding (Summer, 2009).

Andrea Doty, Managing Senior Editor & Feature Writer
Managing senior editor, or as we like to call her, ‘ The Hyphen Queen,’ Andrea, with a flick of her pen,
makes our articles grammatically correct. And once this is done, she’ll open her laptop and write several
features for upcoming issues. An interviewer at heart, Andrea finds the people and artisans who are creating
and doing all around our towns. An all time favorite, Andrea’s ‘Dream Weaver’ feature is a visit with a
master Nantucket basket weaver (Autumn, 2006).

Charlene Carmichael, Interior Decorator & Feature Writer, www.redefinedesign.com   
Interior designer and decorating editor, Charlene is the one who makes it seem so simple. Whether she’s
transforming a room into a showroom bliss or giving us tips for decorating success, Charlene makes magic
happen. Even the dogs get a few pointers from Charlene’s feature on ‘Designing & Living with Pets’ (Spring,
2009). Or her fascinating article on how to hire a professional decorator (Spring, 2007).

Jerrilyn Mayhew, Antiques Dealer & Feature Editor
Giving us the inside scoop, antiques dealer Jerrilyn Mayhew shares with us her years of experience and
knowledge of antiques, specifically 18th and 19th century country furniture and accessories. We followed
along as Jerrilyn and her daughters went ‘On The Road Again’ in their search for antiques and treasures.
Look for her at New England antiques shows, usually set up on a picturesque grassy field surrounded by
country cupboards in ‘Old Paint’ (Autumn, 2008).http://www.susiecaliendodesigns.comhttp://www.vintagerosecollection.com/http://www.sweetfern.comhttp://www.redefinedesign.comshapeimage_18_link_0shapeimage_18_link_1shapeimage_18_link_2shapeimage_18_link_3
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